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Welcome to ff_100, a Final Fantasy drabble/microfiction community. In this community, drabbles and microfiction to up to 300 words are accepted. :)

There are two parts to this community: the weekly challenge and regular drabble posting. Please note that you are free to post any Final Fantasy drabbles here, regardless of the current contest. The main motive of ff_100 is to encourage creativity and author/writer interaction, after all! If you plan to participate in the contest, however, please read the contest rules rules carefully.

General Posting Rules

  • Use headers. Using good headers for your fanwork makes everyone happy. :D Feel free to add to this if you wish, but this is the base requirement.


  • One story per post. All drabbles should be posted in their own unique entries so they can be properly archived. Note to challengers: if you write for your own challenge (allowed, yes, but you can't vote for yourself ;D) please do post your work in unique entries as well, instead of in your challenge announcement post.

  • Use LJ-cut. All stories should be behind a livejournal cut. Fake cuts are okay, but be sure to be clear that it's a link that leaves the community. That's a rule, guys! :)

  • Read this post on community manners. We expect you guys to behave maturely here.

Contest Schedule

Each week, a member announces a fandom and a theme for drabbles to be written on. The following week, the member who picked that fandom/theme chooses the author of the drabble they liked the most as the winner. The winner then announces the next week's fandom/theme. Feel free to repeat themes or even fandom/theme combinations, though it's probably best to wait a little while before repeating the exact combination.

For example, last week's winner, Author A, chooses Final Fantasy X and a theme of power. Members submit drabbles for that theme/fandom, and probably also post some drabbles that are from a different fandom, a different theme, or entirely unrelated to the competition. On Sunday, Author A chooses a winner from the pool of eligible entries only (FFX/power). They chose Author B, who then picks next week's fandom/theme (for instance, FFVII/vacation) and also the eventual winner.

On specifying fandoms for multiple-part canons: There is an increasing number of Final Fantasy canons with mutliple titles in the form of sequels and compilations. This can cause some confusion when specifying a fandom for a contest. You may choose a single, specific canon from a single title, such as FFVII:OGC, FFVII:DoC, or FFX-2. You can also choose an overarching fandom within the same canonical universe and/or FF number family. For example, you can choose FFVII for stories from ANY FFVII canon, or Ivalice Alliance for any of the set of FF Ivalice games (FFT, FFTA, FFXII, and a number of upcoming releases). If you aren't sure how to specify the canonical set you want, ask the mods.

Contests are opened and closed every Sunday. Judges, please be around to judge; entrants, show up to say thanks and post a new challenge. Really.

Contest-Specific Rules

To be considered for the weekly contest, your entry must meet the following requirements. If it fails to meet any of them, it's still welcome to be posted here (within reasonable limits -- no 800 word stories, please), but it won't be counted as a contest entry.

  • Entries must meet the fandom/theme combination. Members are encouraged to write drabbles for the theme in other fandoms if they're not familiar with the fandom for the week, though, absolutely! They just won't count as contest entries ;)

  • Entries must be 300 words or under. Slightly higher word counts are okay for posting, but can't be counted as challenge entries.

  • Entries may not be edited after posting. Whatever you post is your official entry in the contest. You may edit after the contest ends or provide an edited copy (in your own journal, below the unedited version, wherever), but whatever you posted first is your entry and must be preserved.

Please remember that multiple entries for one contest are okay =D

Last ten challenges and winners (view all):

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Week 029 - FFXII / wanted       Sweat by cerridwen666
Week 028 - FFX/X2 / dead or alive       No contest entries
Week 027 - FFVII / dance/dance       A Fight is a Dance by not_cynical
Week 026 - FFXII / together       A Night on the Town by ayndin
Week 025 - FFCC / slampant       Simple Lessons by pookaseraph
Week 024 - FFVIII / secrets       Soft Weapons by girlshy
Week 023 - FFIV / old/beauty       Experience by first_seventhe
Week 022 - FFX / unrequited       Moment Arm by venefica_aura
Week 021 - FFT / faith       No contest entries

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