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FFVII- Villain Challenge- Work and Play - Final Fantasy Drabbles/Microfiction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Final Fantasy Drabbles/Microfiction

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FFVII- Villain Challenge- Work and Play [Jul. 25th, 2007|11:59 pm]
Final Fantasy Drabbles/Microfiction


Title: Work and Play
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Theme: (Playing the) Villain
Characters/Pairings: Hojo, Lucrecia, Vincent
Rating: PG
Words: 280

Just talking.

That was always the excuse that met him on those quiet walks. He could see them on the hill, laughing like school children. He always felt himself hesitate before stepping forward, before that awkward silence consumed the landscape around them.

It felt so perverse to watch them. As a man whose nature it was to observe, this bordered on an unhealthy act of voyeurism for him. He often stood there questioning his motives for staying back, for listening in on the immature conversations he had ever witnessed. He didn’t have to suffer so needlessly, but like with anything that caught his curiosity he could not stop himself from treating it as another “experiment”.

It wasn’t the topic of discourse that held his attention, but the movements. As creatures of the wild have their dance, Vincent and Lucrecia had their own awkward tango. Vincent had his nervous looks and trembling hands, while Lucrecia had school girl smiles and elegant tosses of her hair. One couldn’t help but feel the frustration boil in their gut after only minutes of this pantomime of absurdity.

A rustle of the dry brush beneath his feet made them stiffen. They were cats, alert to any predator that stalked towards them.

He appeared to remind them of the dullness of the day’s work and the stubborn duty they had to fulfill. They would give fleeting glances as he moved away and Lucrecia would always scurry away like a timid mouse.

As much as he longed to idle away as his wishes were granted, Hojo had become used to playing the villain of this morbid house. It was the only way any work would get done.


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[User Picture]From: animecrush
2008-07-26 06:28 pm (UTC)
Hey I'm glad you liked it! I had completely forgotten about this fic so I'm glad people may be still glancing over it. Double-plus cool points to you as well for figuring out that there was a Jimmy Eat World reference! ^^
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